San Juan Capistrano, At a Glance

San Juan Capistrano, At a Glance

San Juan Capistrano is a small town about an hour’s drive south.  It’s also the place to which the swallows return in the spring.  The main attraction is of course the mission, the 7th in the long line of 21 missions founded along the California coast.

I set out

Sailboats on San Francisco Bay

A few words about San Francisco

While I may live in Southern California, my heart does indeed lie to the north of here and San Francisco is by far my favorite city.  It has a great climate and it’s surrounded by water, a definite plus.  Of course I could never afford to live there but every now and then I do treat myself to a visit.

I’ve discovered my favorite place to stay is

Why I Travel and Where I’ll Wander Next

Why I Travel and Where I’ll Wander Next

Having been out of commission with a leg injury and a crippled right hand, I haven’t been able to write much less travel in the last couple weeks.  Both are now on the mend thanks to physical therapy and prescription drugs.  While I haven’t been able to type, I have been able to think and as I convalesce I’ve been pondering the reasons we travel.  What motivates us to wander?

I’m not talking about those mandatory work-related travels or

Sea lion resting on fishing boat tied up with a second boat

Monterey Peninsula

In all the hustle and bustle of the past week I realize I’ve forgotten to mention one of my favorite beach areas.  I’ve talked about beaches in southern California and neglected the area around Monterey Bay.  The city of Monterey rests at the northeast corner of a square nub of land that juts out into the sea.  This nub is Monterey Peninsula.  Two other