Profile Pic-ViaductI’ve been a traveler since I was a child when my Dad would ask if I wanted to go with him to get some gas in the car.  Those trips to the corner filling station could take hours as we drove off to visit one relative after another.  A full tank of gas meant freedom!   I’ve never been cured.  I like to wander, to see new places and meet new people.  I can’t help it.  It must be genetic.

Along with this desire to ramble comes a deep need to share the stories about the places I’ve seen.  Every adventure has some kind of story!  Some are funny, others scary.  Many are just filled with joy.  I want to share these stories with you and illustrate them with my photographs. I would like to think that by doing so I may inspire you to set forth on your own adventures.

At present I’ve decided to search for places in my own state.  So I’m searching out venues anywhere from one mile to a thousand miles from home as I explore California and points beyond.  One trip may be to an historical house while the next could be a national park, or even another country!

I’m going where the wind carries me. So come along.