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Christmas at Pismo 2021

As the world slowly awakens from the Covid shutdowns, my family and I dared venture forth to spend the Christmas weekend at Pismo Beach.  Contrary to the forecast, we had perfect weather…sunny and cold. The rain was infrequent but added some lovely clouds!

The Cliffs and Cove

The Pismo Pier seen from my hotel on Christmas morning

As usual, we stayed on the cliffs. This may technically be part of Shell Beach, but so what? I could see the Pismo Pier from the sidewalk outside our room.

It was a lovely Christmas morning.

A sunny Christmas Day at the cove near our hotel.

A highlight of this area is the cove. The tide was going out, so our timing couldn’t have been better. It’s been a while since our last visit. We were pleased to learn that the stairway down to the beach is now much more sturdy.

My puppy running free on the beach!

The cove is a perfect place for a puppy to run! My six-month old pup ran like the wind up and down the beach. (His first taste of sea water wasn’t to his liking.) My family and I spent a lot of time and the cove, revisting it before we headed home on Boxing Day.

Monarch Butterflies

Christmas afternoon, we traveled south to visit the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove. Wow, there were a lot of visitors! I didn’t expect to see so many people on Christmas Day. The grove, sitting right next to California Highway 1, isn’t huge. A stand of tall eucalyptus is circled by a visitor path. In the shade of these huge trees it was hard to spot the butterflies. They were so far away! I took a chance and aimed the camera at what looked like clusters.

A cluster of Monarch Butterflies

The Pier at Pismo

Of course, we also went to Pismo Beach. The entrance to the pier has changed, but the beach still goes on forever. I was fascinated by the pier and took far too many photos of it.

A surfer on the south side of Pismo Pier

At the end of the pier, you can just make out the Christmas tree made from strings of red lights. It made a pretty sight on Christmas night.

I hope you had a safe, healthy, and joyous holiday season. To see more photos from our Pismo trip, please click here.

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