Last week, my daughter and I drove to La Canada-Flintridge to visit Descanso Gardens.   Spring is a beautiful time to get out and about, and it’s been almost a year since my last adventure!  A garden seemed a good choice.

End of the Season

Tulips and daffodils were still in bloom, but if you’re interested in seeing them, I suggest you hurry.  I was surprised to still find them blooming. Camellias also were on hand, although I’m pretty sure April is the last month for these as well.

Pink Camellia

I usually miscalculate the time of my visit and am too late to see the lilacs.  Last week, the bushes were filled with fragrance.  The blossoms varied from dark purple to white.  It was a joy to see them.

Lilacs blooming at Descanso Gardens

Into the Wild

While most visitors kept to the standard paved paths, my daughter and I wandered through the Camellia Forest toward the Oak Woodland.  Well, frankly, I have no idea where we were!

Narrow path into the unknown!

We followed the dirt paths uphill and around so many turns, I had no idea which way was north.   Are the mountains in the image above the San Gabriels or the Verdugo range?


Along with the rabbits and squirrels, we also were greeted at the entrance to Descanso by a family of Canadian Geese.  An adult let a procession of five goslings as they crossed the pavement and moved into some grass.  The destination was another garden, but for the goslings, the journey took some effort.

Goslings navigate the jungle!

We also saw some turtles, red-eared sliders, and lots of birds.  Oh, and there were bees.  They didn’t bother us as they focused on all the flowers.

Extra Info

Descanso is freeway and close.  The link above will direct you to the official website, where you can get the latest information about coronavirus protocols.  I found it easy to navigate and ticket purchases are simple online.  The size of the garden is considerable, and social distancing wasn’t an issue during my visit.  Weekends may be more crowded.  I’m sure you could inquire if you have concerns.  Most of the areas have paved pathways.  You don’t have to climb those hills!

To see more images from my visit, please click here.


Your thoughts?

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