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A Glimpse of Edinburgh, Scotland

Although I was in Edinburgh a few days, I didn’t see much of the city.  That’s a pity because it is filled with amazing museums, great shopping, and wonderful sites.  We did manage a bus tour which just whetted my appetite.  That’s what happens when I try to cram too many things into a few days’ time.

One of the biggest attractions in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle.  I may write more about this at a later date.  It’s extremely popular but, fortunately, also very large.  There were a lot of people visiting on a rainy morning.

Entrance to Edinburgh Castle on a rainy morning
Entrance to Edinburgh Castle on a rainy morning

Also famous is J.K.Rowling.  Our city guide drove quickly past the coffee shop where she is said to have written the first Harry Potter book.  He also pointed out the private school which influenced her description of Hogwarts.

Towered private school, Rowling's inspiration for Hogwarts
Is that Hogwarts or George Heriot’s School in the background?

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.  It’s also famous as a divided city.  There’s an Old Town, the medieval part where the castle is located, and a New Town.  The latter is not that new.  The architecture is Georgian.

New Town as seen from Edinburgh Castle
New Town as seen from Edinburgh Castle

I enjoyed wandering about the city.  While touring the castle I escaped to visit the nearby streets.  I found a close!  Our driver had mentioned these and I wanted to see one up close. (Pun intended) Okay, I admit that my agenda for Edinburgh may have been a bit quirky.  While my fellow tour members explored the famous castle, I walked through Fisher’s Close.

Fisher's Close in Old Town Edinburgh
Fisher’s Close in Old Town Edinburgh

I don’t like to use vertical shots in my post, but this was the best way to present the close. Was it what I expected?  For the most part.  Not as cloak and dagger as I thought it would be.

The good news is that I found a patio area above another street!  I loved the bustle and color of this place.

Small street in Edinburgh
Small street in Edinburgh

The purpose behind all this wandering around Edinburgh was to find Waverly Bridge.  I had booked a bus to take me to the Firth of Forth and it departed from that location.  With the help of a map and some friendly citizens, I located it.

The view from Waverly Bridge
The view from Waverly Bridge

As to why this was important, well, you’ll have to wait for a future post to hear about my reason for going there.  As for Waverly Bridge itself, it is exactly as the name suggests, a bridge.  It was built in the late 1800’s and spans the area between New Town and Old Town.  Below it is the rail system and on it are numerous bus stops.  City buses, airport buses, and tour buses of all types stop at Waverly Bridge.

I’ve only given a very abbreviated look at Edinburgh.  I didn’t spend nearly enough time exploring this city.   The museums, monuments, and gardens will have to wait for a return visit when I can give them the time they deserve.  Meanwhile, if you would like to see more of my images from Edinburgh, please click here.


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