Isn’t it strange how you can drive through a neighborhood again and again and never really see it? Only when you walk it do you actually notice the details. I had this experience recently while out walking my dog. I’ve driven over Red Hill countless times but lately Jem and I have started walking it. And we’ve discovered some interesting things.

I live in southern California, outside Los Angeles, a place where look-alike tract homes are common. Red Hill doesn’t have a single house that looks like its neighbor. Some are the typical ranch house of the area while others are older. I like the variety.

Historic Dorothy finley house in a neighborhood on Red Hill

Dorothy Finley House

The house above has been designated a historical landmark by the city. That’s pretty impressive, and it isn’t the only one located on Red Hill. These homes have mailboxes out front (ours is a community in which the post is delivered via car) and these boxes indicate that home is historic. Imagine that. I had no idea.
Once I spotted the ‘special’ mailboxes I started to look for others. To my delight I discovered that the residents of Red Hill had an interest in mailboxes that was as eclectic as the architecture of their homes.

A vault-like mailbox for a securely gated home

A Vault-like Mailbox for a Securely Gated Home

Not all were as solid or as neat as the one above. Some had been around for a few years and like good neighbors have learned to get along together comfortably.

Two mailboxes standing at a crooked angle


This little stroll, well about three miles actually, was a different kind of travel for me but one that was filled with discovery and joy.

Simple pewter colored mailbox decorated with rope-like trim and a button handle

Simple and unique

It taught me that travel doesn’t mean spending a lot of money and flying off to exotic places. It can be as simple as exploring one’s own backyard.

Your thoughts?

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