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Jem at Pismo Beach

This last Pismo Beach post is purely for the doggy set, or for anyone interested in taking their pooch along on their travels.  I’ve stated before that Jem is a good traveler and  for him a car ride of a couple hundred miles isn’t a big deal. However it is a big deal for me if I’m sharing the backseat of a Honda Fit!  He tends to take up a lot of space.

Jem in the back seat of the car
What do you mean you’re getting in here too?

Before we go any further I want to state that the photos in this blog are courtesy of my daughter, Halley Sanchez.  Most of the time I was busy holding onto the other end of the leash!

Hotel treat basket welcome gift for the dog
Are those treats I see at the bottom of the bowl?

We stayed at the Inn at the Cove in Pismo and I made our reservation through a website called BringFido.  I’ve mentioned them before as well.  The booking was easy and there were no surprises once we arrived at the hotel.  Well, let me take that back.  There was a pleasant surprise: a dog basket with water dish, ball, blanket and treats all waiting for Jem’s use.  That was a nice gesture.  The basket was a tiny dog bed, much too small for him but he appreciated the treats!

The hotel has several rooms in one wing dedicated to dogs of all sizes.  This may sound like a potential disaster but actually all went well.  There were some occasional woofs but for the most part our neighbors were quiet.  Whenever we met, the dogs and their families were friendly.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the holiday.

Another plus about the Inn at the Cove was that it was outside Pismo Beach proper and up on the bluffs. There was plenty of space to walk the dog.  We could go down to the beach or walk along the road to Dinosaur Caves Park.  Of course in the park we encountered more dogs out walking as well.  And Jem took a notion to walk me!

Jem running away from his owner in the park
How embarrassing!

Jem seemed to enjoy his stay.  He was a little restless at first but we soon walked him enough that he slept through the subsequent nights.  He liked the beach but hadn’t much use for getting his feet wet.

Jem sitting up alert and looking out to sea at Pismo Beach
Jem’s idea of how to deal with water.


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