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Tesla at the Petersen Musuem

For three years, ever since I first watched the video of Elon Musk and Jay Leno driving a Cybertruck, I’ve wanted to see one up close. Would it really look so angular? Let me assure you it does. The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles currently has an entire Tesla exhibit. Not only can you see Tesla trucks and cars, but SpaceX is also featured.

The first truck I saw was riddled with indentations…bullet dents! Why would anyone want to shoot at a truck?

The bullets struck the side.
While the concept doesn’t make much sense to me, it intrigued many visitors.

I couldn’t get close to any of the trucks and certainly couldn’t sit inside. Still, I attempted to photograph the interior.

Interior of the Cybertruck

Was the second floor all about Tesla? There are only three floors, so I can’t be far off. I found another Cybertruck with the bed open and a Cyberquad.

Cybertruck and Cyberquad
I don’t know if the audience is impressed or confused. The angular shape of the quad looks uncomfortable, but the seat does have a cloth or felt cover. Will that help?

I also discovered a strange pod. I think this relates to a contest Elon Musk posed to university students in 2017.

Tesla prototype pod for Hyperloop challenge
The challenge was to create a hyperloop transportation system. The photo above is the prototype created by Tesla. Its top speed was 220 mph!

I’ll include one last “truck” image. Sitting at the museum entrance was the cab portion of the Tesla Semi. I read that these long-haul trucks hit the road in December 2022. So far, I haven’t seen one on the freeway.

Cab of the Tesla Semi Truck

To see more Tesla photos and designs, please click here.

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  • “The first truck I saw was riddled with indentations…bullet dents! Why would anyone want to shoot at a truck?”

    Ah, Liz, you’ve obviously never lived in the rural South. Shooting at trucks is a hallowed pastime.

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