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Camellias at Descanso Gardens

I’ve often visited (and written about) Desanso Gardens, usually in the spring around March or April. But each time I visited I missed seeing the camellias, so this year I was determined to visit early! January seemed a good month. Was I too early?

Instead of flowers, I found buds!

Into the Forest

Descanso is a delightful garden. The more manicured flower beds and rose beds are to the right as one enters. On the left is the forest, my favorite area. Camellias also seem to prefer the oak forest. Perhaps they like the quality of the light as it beams through the branches.

White camellia tucked in the shade of the forest

At first, I only saw white flowers. I confess I felt a little disappointed by the lack of color. Also, many blossoms were too high or almost on the ground.

White blossom almost touching the ground!
Thank goodness, I didn’t mind crawling around on the dead leaves!

More Color!

Soon, I realized I panicked too soon. I saw pink blossoms!

Isn’t that a delicate shade of pink?
Isn’t the pale pink delicate? I don’t want to bore you with flower images, so I’ll include another “forest” scene featuring the camellia embracing a tree.
Did I mention that camellias love the forest?

Bees Like Camellias, too!

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the blossoms. I soon realized several bees were following me around. Yikes! I quickly realized their goal didn’t have anything to do with me. They were interested in the flowers!

The bees loved the pink flowers!

The camellias will continue to bloom for another month or so. Things will take off in February. Here’s a link detailing the Celebration plans. Iris and tulips will also make an appearance this spring. I hope you get a chance to visit a flower garden and enjoy the unique seasonal blossoms. To see a few more images from my visit, please click here.

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