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Descanso Gardens: Carved 2022

Last Sunday evening, my daughter and I visited Descanso Gardens for their October pumpkin event, Carved.   You may remember I wrote about this last year in a blog titled, Carved at Descanso Gardens.    The weather was perfect for an evening walk through a dark, old forest.

Remembrance during pumpkin time

Before entering the oak forest, we sipped a cup of hot cider and watched children in costume run about excitedly.  We also stopped by the artwork Nos Duele by Daniel Gonzales.

Remembering the children of Uvalde

With Dia de Los Muertos just a few days away, and in some cultures beginning on Halloween, this ofrenda bears photos of young children and is a devastating reminder of what we’ve lost.  I’m sure each mother felt a tug when she saw it.

Oak Forest

The highlight of the evening is a walk through the darkened oak forest.  These trees are primarily coastal live oak; many are over one hundred years old.  They loom above the jack-o-lanterns scattered on the forest floor.

Pumpkins leer at us at we walk through the night

The spotlights vary from red to green to blue, which adds a challenge to photographing the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Entertainment

At the end of the circuit, several pumpkins represented recent or popular films.  I featured a Harry Potter pumpkin in the 2021 blog, so  I’ll display Hagrid this year.  It seems particularly poignant since Robbie Coltrane died only a few days ago, on October 14th.

Rubeus Hagrid

Carved Information

This annual pumpkin event will soon end.  Descanso Gardens may still have a few tickets if you wish to attend.  I suspect they’re going fast.  To see more images from my visit, please click here.  Meanwhile, I’ll close with this photo for those who like scarecrows.

Scarecrow and sunflower

Happy Halloween!


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