After a long train ride from Talkeetna, I was thrilled to arrive at my hotel in Fairbanks.  After staying in places like the Hilton, I wasn’t prepared for Pike’s Waterfront Lodge.  Wow!  It was a marvelous combination of woodsy charm plus all the usual amenities.  My family’s room overlooked the Chena River.

Chena River as seen from our hotel balcony

Hotel interior

We were in the main building and on the second floor.  Here’s a view of the central lobby area.

Lobby of Pike’s Waterfront Lodge

My daughter and I explored a new area every day.  There are treasures to discover, including plenty of art.  Paintings by local artists cover the walls.  The food was good; breakfast was terrific with waffles or french toast!  Free coffee was always available in the lobby.  Did I mention the free ice cream?  Yes, the hotel has the usual amenities like a gift shop and gym, but Pike’s has books!

My daugher choosing a book or two.

Wandering the grounds

There’s a small building next to a patio area.  Needless to say, I didn’t see patrons sitting at those snow-covered tables.  Nor did I see many of my fellow travelers visit the trading post.  Perhaps no one wanted to venture out through the snow.

The trading post building at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge

Those posters aren’t merely decorative; this small structure has it all, even a threater playing Old Time movies.  An Abbot and Costello film was showing while I was there.  There’s also a billiards room.  The best part is the Alaskan Library.  Ooh, it’s beautiful!

The Alaskan Library

I’ve always wanted one of those ladders! And doesn’t that look like a cozy nook to read away a wintery afternoon?

I’ve been told that the lodge has lovely gardens and a lawn that rolls down toward the river.  What a beautiful sight that must be!  Nonetheless, the time of snow and ice pleases me.  To see more images from my stay, please click here.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure

    1. You’re right, it was. After being shut in the house since March 2020, it felt wonderful to do something daring.

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