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My Ten Best Images of 2020

It’s been about six months since my last post.  Like so many others, I’ve been isolated at home while waiting for a vaccine.  Alas, I remain expectant and still under a lockdown order.  The title of this post is deceptive in that the pictures I’ve chosen may not be artistic gems.   For my year-end message, I’ve selected photos that speak to me of how I lived in 2020.  I’ll share a few with you here.


I was so innocent in early January!  I joined my family for our usual post-parade viewing of the Tournament of Roses floats.

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s entry titled Cultivate the Future of Farming

People crowded the streets of Pasadena that day.  What’s more, I rode the train rather than drive my car.  Now, in the time of coronavirus, such actions seem foolish.


As March came on, I learned to stay at home.  My travels have been confined to my neighborhood as I walk my dog each morning.  My imagination is my companion.  For many days I studied the cars parked along the street.

Angry eyes!

This white Infiniti glared at me with angry eyes.  Then one day, it was gone.   Of course, my overactive mind added symbolism to this as well.


In 2020, I learned to narrow my scope.  Travel of any kind was out of the question.  I turned to photographing flowers and working on macro images.

A bedraggled daisy(?) echoed my feelings about isloation.

I have several photos of wilted flowers but don’t worry.  There are oodles of happy blooms as well.  I just prefer the wrinkled ones.


As if the coronavirus wasn’t enough, 2020 brought more wildfires to California.  Some of these were massive.  Even in my area, fire raged in neighboring mountains.

Dawn, as I look at the red sun!

The air was smokey when my dog and I went for our walk one September morning.  When the sun rose, I was surprised by the red color.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Usually, I can hardly glance at the sun before turning away.  On this particular morning, I could look it straight in the eye.  I’m not sure what that did for my vision, but it was a unique experience.  I hope no one ever is in a such a situation.


A new year is here.  I have a small expectation that things will improve.  I continue to wander my neighborhood.  I’m still living under a stay-at-home order, but just seeing a new date on the calendar makes me feel I’ve turned a corner.   The numbness is starting to ease.

Succulent shot with a Lensbaby Sweet 50. It reminds me of a star.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Day.  Enjoy 2021.   If you want to see all of my Top Ten, please click here.

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