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Chapel of the Holy Cross – Sedona

My stay in Sedona, Arizona, was brief, not much more than a lunch break away from the bus.  I’m glad I purchased a ticket for the Sedona Trolley, which took me to one of the highlights of my visit, the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It sits atop an outcrop of red sandstone and gives one a magnificent view of the valley below.

The building owes its existence to a local Sedona resident, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who, in 1932, envisioned it.  Her dream was to build in Europe, but World War II shattered that idea.  In 1955, she realized her dream in Sedona.  The chapel was finished in 1957.

The Chapel of the Cross high on a sandstone butte
The Chapel rising from the sandstone high above the roadway

The building is 250 feet tall, or so I’ve read.  The exterior is impressive, but so is everything about this place.


The Chapel is officially a Catholic church, but I’m sure the crowds of visitors are of many faiths.

The entrance to the Chapel of the Holy Cross
The entrance to the Chapel of the Holy Cross

It was late morning when I arrived at the Chapel, but the shadows are still long.  I like the reflection of the red sandstone on the chapel entrance.   People gather in this area to take selfies and photos of Sedona.  From this height, the views are awe-inspiring.

I attempted to enter, but the sanctuary was crowded.

Inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross
Inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Views

One of the best features of the chapel is the views it affords.

The view of Capitol Butte from the Chapel
The view of Capitol Butte from the Chapel

I could see across the valley to the red rock buttes beyond.  The entire Sedona area is famous for red sandstone formations.


  • The Chapel is high up on a hill.  Be prepared to climb!
  • Parking is at a premium.  I repeatedly watch cars climb the hill and have to turn around because there isn’t parking at the top.
  • Let me clarify the above, there are about four spaces at the top for disabled visitors.
  • The Sedona Trolley is a good option because it takes you right to the top!
  • The chapel has a gift shop for those who wish to purchase keepsakes

To see more images from my visit to the Chapel, please click here.

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