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Showcase Gallery – Santa Ana, CA

I never know where my neighborhood wanderings may take me, but recently I met up with Maureen MacDonald, who invited me to visit her at the Showcase Gallery in Santa Ana.  I’m so glad I took her up on that invitation! I didn’t know what to expect, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

The Gallery

I found the gallery nestled in the corner of South Coast Village just off Bear Street.  (Across the street from South Coast Plaza.)  It’s a bright and sunny spot full of artistic treasures.

The courtyard entrance to the gallery
The courtyard entrance to the Showcase Gallery

I soon learned that this location has been here for the last fifteen years.  The artists association has been around even longer, about fifty or sixty years.

Step inside, the view is even better!

Photos, portraits, abstracts fill the walls at Showcase Gallery
Photos, portraits, abstracts fill the walls at Showcase Gallery

The featured artist was none other than Maureen MacDonald, who said she was listening to music from the sixties when she painted.  Her works have appropriate titles such as “Kodachrome” or “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.”  However, my personal favorite is the following.

Kitchen Still Life by Maureen MacDonald
Kitchen Still Life by Maureen MacDonald

I asked about the money, and she said it was to buy the chicken.

Other favorites

I like this oil painting by Fay Baki.  It’s called “Surrender.”

Fay Baki's painting, Surrender.
Fay Baki’s painting, Surrender.

I have no idea what’s happening in this picture, but something appeals to me just the same.

I also took countless images of a bronze statue of a little girl.

Linda Serrao's bronze called
Linda Serrao’s bronze called “Hopscotch”

It is a large piece, about four feet high, and a joy from any angle.  I like the rhythm and movement in the piece.  The girl is absorbed by her game.  It’s lovely.

I like horses, so it was wonderful to meet artist Denise Messenger.  She posed for me beside her painting of a red horse.

Denise Messenger and her Red Horse
Denise Messenger and her Red Horse

She told me that red is unusual.  Her horses are usually multi-colored.  I saw a few examples. They’re wonderful!

What else?

The gallery is more than paintings.  It also has a featured photographer.  At present this is street photographer David Silberstein.

David Silberstein's wall at the Showcase Gallery
David Silberstein’s wall at the Showcase Gallery

In addition to the galleries, there is studio space available for rent.  There is also a large classroom area.

I’ll close with one more image.

Detail of table painted by Laura Ralston
Detail of table painted by Laura Ralston

This table is in the gallery window in the blog title-image.  I like it because of the California designs.  It’s a delightful piece.

Please visit!

You may not like the things I enjoyed.  That’s fine because there are a lot of beautiful paintings, photographs, silk scarves, and pottery that you may like.  I couldn’t feature everything, so you’ll have to visit and see for yourself.  Showcase is a fantastic gallery; you won’t be disappointed.

To see more images from the Showcase Gallery, please click here.




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  • This nice gallery is actually in South Coast Village, hidden behind some restaurants. There is a new, large art gallery in the same complex. South Coast Village is next to South Coast Plaza, but across the street on the Nordstrom’s side of the mall.

  • Elizabeth, thank you once again for a supportive blog–Orange County Fine Arts thanks you !!!

    Ed Miltimore’s referral to the neighbor, that is the Orange County Museum of Art. They are temporarily our neighbor until their new building is finished @ Segerstrom Center for the Arts, a few blocks away. The Museum produces wonderful exhibitions of new work and does not sell.
    Showcase Gallery and it’s 120 members produce new exhibitions every 6 weeks with new work from LOCAL ARTISTS. The 2 galleries sell quite well and occasionaly host 20% OFF sales. (facebook: Showcase Gallery and Bear Street Gallery/ 2018 OCFA)
    714 540 6430/ 949 201 7646

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