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Nethercutt Preview

I recently discovered the Nethercutt Collection, a wonderful display of antique cars.  It’s been ages since I left home to explore the wide world, so I was eager to drive to Sylmar, even if it meant facing the traffic on the 210 freeway.   The destination was well worth the effort.  What a treasure!  I’m still editing photos, but I wanted to post a preview of the beauty to come.

Several visitors were waiting when our guide appeared and took us to the first stop on a long tour.  Wow, everything was so shiny!  Of course, this bright red caught my eye.

1913 Case 40 Model O Fire Truck at the Nethercutt Collection

One of my favorites was the 1910 Royal Tourist Model M Roadster.  Wow, it was something else and featured the first horn mounted on the steering wheel.

Perhaps an accessible horn was a much-needed change for a car that could go 65 mph!

But wait, there’s more.  The roadster is a two-seater, but it can handle a third person if he’s daring enough to ride in the back

That seat looks comfortable, but I’m sure I would slide out if the driver suddenly hit the brake!

For a bit more luxury, how about this Lincoln?

1932 Lincoln Series 231 KB Coupe

This car is probably just the thing for going to the Met Gala, but I prefer the peppy Roadster featured above.

As I said, this post is just hints at the glorious items featured in the Nethercutt Collection.  Be sure to check back for part two.  Meanwhile, please click here for more images from this initial look at my latest adventure.

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