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Spring Camellia Show – La Canada-Flintridge, CA

My recent search for spring flowers brought a surprising result.  I ended up at the Southern California Camellia Council’s 61st “Spring” Camellia Show in La Canada-Flintridge.  I don’t know much about camellias, so I wasn’t at all prepared for what lay ahead of me as I entered the doors.

The Camellia Show at Descanso Gardens
The Camellia Show at Descanso Gardens

There are camellias of all sizes, shapes, and colors on the above tables.  Did you know there was a category for Non-treated blooms 1950 and before?  I certainly didn’t.  I think of camellias as pretty flowers.  Don’t tell the organizers.

A Little Background

As the caption of the photo says, the location for the show was Descanso Gardens.  I’ll write about my garden visit another day.  This week’s post is about the show.  How did I get here?  I followed a sign I spotted while having a cup of tea.  I must say the cafe tables were very festive.  Each had a camellia or two.

Camellia on one of the cafe tables at Decanso Gardens
Camellia on one of the cafe tables at Descanso Gardens

I noticed the sign for the show but thought I would skip it.  For some reason, I changed my mind.  Maybe the flowered tables did the trick.

How’s it work?

The event was a two-day competition, and I attended on the second day.  Although I heard a man say the blooms were better the day before, I couldn’t tell.  Perhaps some were a bit wilted, but all were vibrant.  According to a flyer, there were over thirty classes in the competition.  The different types are way beyond me.  Some were entered as groups.

Group of three camlellias entered in the camellia show
Group of three camellias entered in the camellia show

I’m not sure what class the above flowers are representing.  Are they “Trays of Three – Not-Treated” or something else?  I don’t know what “not-treated” means.  Perhaps it has something to do with gibberellic acid, a substance that enhances bloom size.

In addition to groups of three or five, I saw single flowers.  A few of these were dainty and small.

A tiny camellia in a large thimble of water
A tiny camellia in a large thimble of water

I don’t know what type of camellia this is.  Is there a special name for the tiny vase?  In spite of my ignorance, I enjoy looking at these lovely flowers.  Like so many show-creatures, they are bred for their beauty.  I can appreciate them for it.

And the camellia show winners are…

The best of the best received top prizes and trophies.  I found these flowers at the head table.

The head table at the camellia show
The head table at the camellia show

It was a magnificent display of crystal and color.  That huge trophy in the middle is for the grand prize winner.  It’s the George Lewis Trophy for Best of Show.

I had a delightful time viewing these beautiful flowers.  If you would like to see more images from the camellia show, please click here.


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