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Origami Sculpture – Claremont, CA

I recently traveled to Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden to see a rare artistic treat.  As of October 2018, RSABG has featured a collection of larger than life origami sculpture created by Jennifer and Kevin Box.  I knew about the folded square paper type of origami and was curious to see this transformed into sculptures.  As I entered the garden,  I saw the “Painted Ponies,” the piece I used for my banner.  This use of color was not the norm.

Just the beginning

Rancho Santa Ana isn’t a floral garden.  One doesn’t often see tulips and roses.  The garden contains plants native to California.  They can be trees or tiny succulents.  There are all kinds of cactus!  I found it refreshing to discover the sculptures tucked away in various spots around the large garden area. Of course, there were the classic white cranes.

“Duo” by Jennifer and Kevin Box on display at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

The above piece was only the beginning of my hunt for origami treasures.

Rancho Santa Ana is a big place, some of it hilly.  Little pathways crisscross the area, and I often found myself going back the way I had come.

Path wandering through Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Path wandering through Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

I guess my sense of direction isn’t as good as I thought.

Origami sculpture sampling

I won’t show you all the pieces, but perhaps a few that I enjoyed the most.  For instance, I seem to have a fascination with horses.  I used the ponies for my title, and I’m going to include this image as well.

This sculpture is called
This sculpture is called “Hero’s Horse” and is by Kevin Box an Dr. Robert J Lang.

I had no idea that an artist could make something this complex from a square piece of paper, much less aluminum or other materials.  The squirrel in the next image is made of patinated bronze on steel.

“Seed Sower” by Kevin Box and Micahel G. LaFosse

There is an accompanying piece, an acorn titled “Seed” by Kevin Box and Beth Johnson.  It too is bronze on steel.

I enjoyed my visit to Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and came away with a new respect for origami artists.  As you enter or leave the garden, you pass through The Standing Cranes.

“Standing Cranes” by Kevin Box at the entrance to the garden

These pieces are hand painted with four different patterns.  The piece in the foreground is called “Blooming Stars,” and the other is “Botanical Peace.”


  • Origami in the Garden2 is on display through April 14, 2019
  • The walking is easy, although only a few paths are pavement.
  • Stop and admire the plants as well as see the sculptures.
  • Click the link to Robert J Lang and watch the TED talk

Hope you get a chance to visit the sculptures in person.  To see more photos from my visit, please click here.




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