Most people visit Temecula to visit the many vineyards in the area.  I went on a stormy Thursday, unusual for southern California, to meet up with friends.  Having allowed extra time because of the weather, I arrived early.  Of course, I had my camera with me, so I spent a few minutes wandering around Old Town.

Angles and turrets

The rain had let up a little.  The clouds loomed over the town, rather a pleasant change from the usual sunny blue.

The Stage Stop in Old Town Temecula

Love the glow from the wet pavement!

The building in the photo above was on the corner not far from where I left my car.  I was attracted to the wet pavement, the steps, and the railings.  Later I learned this is called The Stage Stop.  It looks something like an old depot and houses shops and restaurants.  Old Town is the main business district for Temecula, and it caters to tourists.  One sees many shops and restaurants.

The Chaparral Center is a similar building, containing shops and offices.  I liked its architecture.

The Chaparral Center in Old Town Temecula

The Chaparral Center in Old Town Temecula

That Victorian look gets me every time, but don’t be fooled.  This structure, like the Stage Stop, is one of the new buildings.  It was designed and built to look old.

Holiday Spirit

As you can see by the bunting in the image above, Temecula is decorated for the holidays.  The snowflakes on the lampposts are also a nice touch.  Decorations adorn many storefronts.

A simple wreath adorns a shop window

A simple wreath adorns a shop window

Part of the appeal of the wreath is that it’s simple.  I also like the golden color inside the shop.  It speaks of delights beyond one’s imagination!

Of course, the city has a Christmas Tree, and I took a photo of it.  Well you may ask why it’s decorated in turquoise.  I don’t know.

Christmas Tree in front of City Hall

Christmas Tree in front of City Hall

I was more interested in the sky than the tree.  As I said above, we seldom have anything other than a pale blue sky.  To see dark clouds and lightning was a Christmas treat!  The thunder was nice, too.

At the time of my visit, workers were busy building an ice rink in the area between the City Hall and the roundabout where the tree stands.  If you feel like skating, grab your skates and drive down to Temecula.  Afterward, walk Old Town and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

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