This is the final post for 2017 and, while many show their “best of” travel photos at this time, I thought I would skip my best photos 2017 and reflect on the good, the not-so-good, and why it matters anyway.  For me, life is a journey.  It doesn’t matter if I travel far or just around the corner.   There’s always something wondrous to be seen.

My dog and I walk almost every morning.  Last winter this view greeted us as we stepped outside.

The San Gabriel Mountains dusted with snow

The San Gabriel Mountains dusted with snow

I come from the Midwest where winters are snowy.  To see a bit of snow in the southern California mountains is always thrilling.  While this isn’t a prize-winning photo, it pleases me because it helps me remember how lovely the mountains can be.  It’s always worthwhile to snap a shot of something that excites you.

I often take pictures of flowers, especially after the rain.   I love how the droplets of water cling to the petals.  Silly fun for me but there you have it.  Imagine my joy when I discovered this pile of logs entwined by some kind of vine or plant.

Logs, vine, and droplets after a shower

Logs, vine, and droplets after a shower.

All those little drops just seemed like fairy pearls.  The strange color of the vine went so well with the aqua of the drops.  I couldn’t resist this subject.  It was another simple find not far from my front door.

I also attempted to shoot wildlife images in 2017.  I have to laugh as I write this.  I’m not a wildlife photographer, as you will soon see.  Still, if you like to take photos of birds or other animals, go for it!

Hawk ina tree near the Pacific Electric Trail

Hawk in a tree near the Pacific Electric Trail.  Certainly not one of the Best Photos 2017

Once again, the image is from one of the morning walks.   It’s a horrible image but the message here isn’t about how to shoot great bird photos.  It’s about trying even when you know you’ll fail.  I didn’t have the right lens for this sort of thing.  I was far from the tree and didn’t  have a chance of getting this shot.  Still, what did I have to lose other than a few seconds of time?  Don’t be timid.  Go out and explore your corner of the universe!

Above all, do something fun with friends and family.  Make certain someone takes your photo, too!

My daughter, Halley, and I at WonderCon in Anaheim

My daughter, Halley, and I at WonderCon in Anaheim

I believe life is about joy.  I see no reason to be stuffy about this journey; I’m willing to be silly.   I also treasure the memories associated with photos like that above.  Be sure to take some images of people that matter to you.

There you have it.  My reflection on 2017.   I love to travel but I don’t have to go far to enjoy myself.  Don’t worry if you haven’t the time or money for that big trip.  Walk around the block!  There are great things to be discovered.

If you would like to see more of what I think are some of my best photos 2017, please click here.

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  1. Wonderful post Elizabeth!! Looking forward to reading more in 2018 and beyond!

    1. Thanks, Andy. I really appreciate your support. Happy New Year!

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