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Handy Gadget, the Jacket Gripper

Do you get tired of carrying extra things?  You probably know by now that I’m constantly looking for ways to travel light and have my hands free.  So once again I have a little tip; the Jacket Gripper by Alife Design.

I’ve had a navy version for several months now and it’s always attached to my backpack or handbag, depending on the occasion.  There are various types but mine is similar to the image shown below.  The metal ring is very sturdy and thick.  Once I’ve attached it to my bag I am confident it won’t break, bend or come loose.

Jacket Gripper navy Blue 890
Navy Jacket Gripper

The belt material is nylon.  When I first used the gripper I felt certain that anything I secured would just slip out of the thing after a few minutes of walking or hiking.  I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case.  Once my sweater or jacket was secured it stayed where I put it!  No slipping, period.

I’ve tried attaching other things as well.  I have a straw hat with a thick cloth ribbon band.  It’s surprisingly heavy, not your typical beach hat.  I attached that by the cloth band and it too remained attached to the gripper.

Straw Hat Attached to Handbag with Jacket Gripper
Straw Hat Attached to Handbag with Jacket Gripper

My car keys are on a ring with a rather stiff clip hook.  I attached the hook to the gripper ring. Once again everything, gripper and keys, stayed where I put them.

Jacket Gripper holding a jacket on a backpack
Jacket attached to by backpack

I’ve walked around fairs, museums, conventions, parks, mountains, and deserts.  I’ve been out all day and still the gripper held the attached garment without any loosening or slipping.

With autumn coming and cooler mornings it’s nice to be able to take a light jacket and know I have a place to stash it when the morning warms up.  The gripper will keep it secure until I need the jacket again in the evening.

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