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Riley’s Farm at Oak Glen

I went out to dinner last weekend, more specifically to a dinner theatre.  I don’t usually attend such things.  In fact I can’t recall the last time I tried this.  But I was feeling like something different, an adventure, so I roped a friend into going with me to Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen.

This adventure was unusual for another reason.  I think of Oak Glen as a place to go in the autumn during apple season.  This area is nestled in the lower elevations of the San Bernardino Mountains and has several orchards offering a variety of apples, honey, jams and berries.

Now I was going in the evening and my goal was entertainment.  Riley’s Farm is one of the growers in the area.  Not only do they offer apples but they also have a year round amateur theatre.  I was there to see “Sherlock Holmes and the Resonating Roar of Reichenbach.”  Oh,  and  to figure out the clues and solve the mystery as well.  Another first.  I never participated in the game before.General store at Riley's Farm with poster for Sherlock Holmes production

We arrived early in order to look around, perhaps do a little shopping in the general store. I decided to give this image a more rustic look in keeping with the rural setting.  The sign proclaims Sherlock Holmes and sounds very English, but the setting is definitely closer to the old west.  And yes, the restrooms are out back.  While not primitive, there is still a walk uphill to get to them.

The farm does a lot of reenactment work as well as theatre.  School groups come to learn “living history” as the farm features events relating to the American Revolution and the Civil War.  This blacksmith shop and the open area in front of it seem perfect for that. Old blacksmith's shop in an open field on Riley's Farm

Dinner was served in a big room behind the general store.  As you can see, this is a rustic setting.  Is this where the winter shows are held?  Brrr, it could get drafty in there.  The menu for the evening was very British with scones and clotted cream, meat pies, and trifle for dessert.  The music was down home country.Trio of musicians to entertain dinner guests on Riley's Farm

While we waited for the play to begin we had our scones and the guests were invited outside for a hayride.  Well I couldn’t pass that up, could I?  We sat on bales of hay in a flatbed wagon pulled by a tractor.  It was a nice ride, but one of the English Bobbies did take a shot at a prowler on the property.  Do Bobbies carry guns?  Best not to get into that.Tractor pulling a wagon along a country road.

The evening was a success.  Everyone enjoyed the play as well as the dinner.  No, I didn’t guess the solution to the mystery.  I’m not sure I could explain it now if I were asked.  But the show was fun, and I will visit Riley’s Farm again.

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