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Claremont on a Rainy Sunday Morning

Claremont wasn’t on my schedule today.  I could easily have been talked into staying indoors rather than venturing forth on a rainy morning.  It has been so long since I’ve driven in the rain I couldn’t remember how to turn on the windshield wipers!  That says something about the extent of the California drought!  Still, I was tempted by the rain and Claremont is nearby.  Actually it’s the closest place that resembles a town.  My city doesn’t have a downtown area.  Claremont with its colleges helps to satisfy that itch for the urban.Claremont street on a rainy morning

As soon as I was out and driving through the sprinkes, I knew I had made the right decision.  The sound of the drops splashing on the car and the misty quality of the light reminded me once again how much I miss rain.  I couldn’t resist looking down the cross streets to see the trees overhanging the pavement.  I don’t know why this appeals to me.  It just does.Claremont neighborhood street in the rain

Claremont was quiet as the rain splashed down.  Businesses were just getting about their opening chores and the Sunday rush was still some time off.  The forecast was for clearer skies by afternoon so perhaps the restaurant patios will be crowded again.  For now things look quite drenched.Claremont restaurant patio cover beaded with raindrops

There were a few people who ventured forth.  Some were having breakfast while others strolled the sidewalks.  I suspect they were waiting for the farmers market to set up. Pedestrians strolling along the rain-drenched Claremont sidewalks

As for me, I just like the way the rain makes everything feel fresh.  Yes, I was wet and a bit chilly but the pavement glowed with color and the rain and breeze scattered petals at my feet.  It was a lovely morning to be out and about in Claremont.Colorful rainy Claremont Street

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