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Sailboats on San Francisco Bay

A few words about San Francisco

While I may live in Southern California, my heart does indeed lie to the north of here and San Francisco is by far my favorite city.  It has a great climate and it’s surrounded by water, a definite plus.  Of course I could never afford to live there but every now and then I do treat myself to a visit.

I’ve discovered my favorite place to stay is the Argonaut Hotel, a grand hotel in what once was a warehouse.  It’s a four-story red brick building, squat and square, but truly a great place to stay.  Yes, I know it’s very expensive but it’s lovely and the location is terrific.  The Argonaut is located within easy walking of the Wharf, the Maritime Museum, the Aquatic Park, Ghirardelli Square and the Turntable for a cable car.  What could be better than that?

Argpnaut Hotel lobby
The lobby of the Argonaut Hotel

I like being down by Fisherman’s Wharf.  It full of tourists and bustle and music.  One can meander through the hubbub and watch the street performers, buy souvenirs or sign up for a tour boat heading over to Alcatraz.

Street performer on Fisherman's Wharf
Street performer on Fisherman’s Wharf

Want your photo with this guy?  Don’t forget to tip.  He’s earning a living at this!

The Visitor Center for the San Francisco National Maritime Historical Park is located in the same warehouse building as the Argonaut. It’s easy to stop and pay a visit before heading down to the Hyde Street Pier where the fleet of historic ships is moored.  I think I like the ships most of all.  What was it like to be a passenger on the Eureka as she crossed the bay?  She was in service before the bridges were built!  How wonderful to aboard and explore these vessels.

Passenger benches on historic ferryboat Eureka
The passenger benches on the Eureka.

Today sailboats crisscross the bay.  They’re pleasure craft vying with the tourist boats.  Perhaps I’m just soft on sails.  Perhaps that’s why I always stay close to the bay.

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