My recent outing at the Art-A-Fair was by far the best Laguna Art Festival adventure to date because of all the friendly artists I met!  I will be hard-pressed to include everyone in this story, but be sure to check the gallery.  The art is amazing!

For those of you new to the summer art scene at Laguna Beach, there are several venues along Laguna Canyon Road.  I always visit the Art-A-Fair.

Familiar Faces

I have my favorite artists, people I’ve met before on previous outings.  Of course, I check to see if they’re showing this year.  I was pleased to find several repeats!

Gourd art by Darlene Saucedo

Darlene Saucedo’s Gourdgeos by Design booth!

I know I mentioned Darlene last year, but she has several stunning new ideas this year, including lamps.  If you visit the fair, be sure to take a peek.

I also always stop by Michael Cahill’s booth. I know it seems counterproductive for one photographer to feature another, but, believe me, it makes sense.

He and his wife Pat each have a booth at the fair.Photographer, Michael Cahill, at Art-A-Fair

Art-A-Fair booth for Pat Cahill Photography

New faces

I can’t feature everyone I talked with at this year’s Laguna art festival, but I will mention a few new folks, like Alice.  Pesky reflections made it difficult for me to photograph Alice’s mirrors.    Instead, I offer a portrait of him at work.

Mirror art by Alice

Hand etched, custom mirror art by Alice can be found at Art-A-Fair

I like the complementary colors and the way both faces are looking down at something.

Also new to me this year, were the mixed-media creations of Christopher Scardino.

The Scardino booth at Art-A-Fair 2019

The Scardino booth at Art-A-Fair 2019

Each piece is a combination of carving, paint, and wood-burning to create enticing three-dimensional compositions.  Do stop by for a look!

Take a look!

I want to thank all the artists who took time to chat and tell me about their work.  I thank them for letting me photograph their art.  The fair will continue through September 1, 2019.  Please stop by.

My gallery showcases each of the artists with whom I visited; click here to see it.


Your thoughts?

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